[OSRS-PROJ] proj-4.4.6 can't find epsg

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Mar 18 23:05:25 EST 2003

Leah Roderman wrote:
> Hello, I'm seeing the following error in my Apache error log after 
 > setting PROJ_DEBUG. This from MapServer 3.4.6 on RedHat 8.0 with
 > proj-4.4.6...
> [Tue Mar 18 15:06:44 2003] [error] [client] pj_open_lib(proj_def.dat): call fopen(/usr/local/share/proj/proj_def.dat).
> I was expecting a permissions error on the file, but this looks as if 
 > pj_open_lib() is producing an error from unsucessfully calling fopen().
 >  The path and file are correct, so my next step was going to be examining
 > PHP version details.


When PROJ_DEBUG is defined, libproj produces a variety of output to stderr,
but that isn't meant to imply an actual error has occured.  With the current
code (in CVS) the word "failed" or "succeeded" comes after the above message.
Perhaps it doesn't do that in 4.4.6?  I am surprised.

Note that the normal problem people encounter is that the "nobody" user
doesn't have read access on /usr/local/share/proj/* for some reason.

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