[OSRS-PROJ] Datums supported by Proj.4

Jesus Angel del Pozo jpozdom at ribera.tel.uva.es
Sun Mar 30 11:50:46 EST 2003


Thanks for your answers about the comparation between Geotrans and
Proj.4. I like the identifiers and comments of Geotrans, but I'll just
use the API so the source code is not very important to me. Nevertheless
I think its better to have a clear source code.

Now I have another question about datums shifts. I have seen that Proj.4
works with lots of proyections and ellipsoids, but there are only a
few datums:

__datum_id__ __ellipse___ __definition/comments______________________________
       WGS84 WGS84        towgs84=0,0,0                 
      GGRS87 GRS80        towgs84=-199.87,74.79,246.62  
       NAD83 GRS80        towgs84=0,0,0                 
       NAD27 clrk66       nadgrids=conus,ntv1_can.dat   

Does Proj.4 support other datums?

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