[OSRS-PROJ] Using PROJ for location estimation in wireless environment

Saxon Robert-QA2183 Robert.Saxon at motorola.com
Fri May 30 16:47:30 EDT 2003

I am looking for a second method to use for location estimation.
I am working with a communication system that can provide some
estimation on distance. The setup is as follows:

 - I have 3 or more fixed positions in Lat/Long (GPS).
   Maximum distance between each point is under 30 miles.

 - I have a relative distance between my target location
   and each fixed point.

 - Goal is to provide estimate of Lat/Long of the target based
   on the fixed locations and the relative distance.

I have the following information:

  1. Lat/Long of fixed point F1.
  2. Distance in meter from target to F1.
  3. Lat/Long of fixed point F2.
  4. Distance in meter from target to F2.
  5. Lat/Long of fixed point F3.
  6. Distance in meter from target to F3

I am look for ideas on how to use "proj" software to guest-to-mate
the Lat/Long of my target location. I have software that does this
but want a "second opinion". Can I use "proj" commands to accomplish
this goal?

Robert A. Saxon
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