[Proj] Re: The Michigan Georef Projection Problem

Melita Kennedy mkennedy2 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 18 15:06:59 EST 2004


Can you give some details on what the problems are? Obviously,  you aren't
getting the results you expect but would you post some samples and what
your expected results are? Can you narrow down the problem to Michigan
GeoRef to lat/lon? Does it look like you can project to Michigan GeoRef
from lat/lon? 

If you would, please cc any information to my work account, mkennedy AT
esri.com. I'll be in the office on Monday, but won't be able to do any
tests after that until the 29th or so. 

And my home account (where I receive this list is changing to mkennedy2 AT
earthlink.net. I think I have my subscription address changed correctly!


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> Subject: [Proj] The Michigan Georef Projection Problem
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> Hello,
> I have run into problems with the Michigan Georef projection and I think I have read all 
> the threads on it, which did not end up coming up with a solution.  Have there been any 
> fixes for this projection?  If not, then I might need to work on Proj, which is a bit scary, 
> but I still have the code of a VB program I wrote that performs the transformation for 
> michigan georef to state plane and vice versa.  But, before I delve into Proj's code, I 
> just wanted to check on this listing if anybody has solved the problem.
> Until then, I will hope for the best.
> Happy Holidays

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