[Proj] The Michigan Georef Projection Problem

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Jerry -

This problem first came up on the MapServer users list, and I pointed
out that since the usage seemed to be correct, the most likely cause was
an incorrect set of parameters for the (correctly-implemented)
projection, or an incorrect expression of those parameters in the input
to proj.  I have some time later this weekend to take a look at this
user's specific situation; the problem came up once before with another
MapServer users (same Michigan projection) but was never resolved.

I'll post whatever I find, but at the moment I don't have any reason to
think there's any issues with the omerc code.  Thanks!

	- Ed

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I realize that my definition of 'proj' may not agree with its usage in
this thread but I am curious what is meant by "need to work on Proj".  I
went though a good deal of rework on omerc some time ago and felt that
the projection was a properly functioning version of Hotine's oblique

If there are problems with omerc I would appreciate hearing about them
along with specifics about its alleged failure.  If there is a fix, I
would appreciate knowing about that also.

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