[Proj] A problem with this list

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Some like chocolate, some like vanilla....

The limitation of the "reply is to all" feature is that it's difficult
to do the opposite - reply ONLY to the sender, when appropriate.  Most
mail programs have a "Reply" and "Reply to All" button, and lists like
this one let you select which you want - but you do have to make that

I believe most of the lists I participate in have received at least one
complaint wishing that they worked "the other way"!

	- Ed

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I find that if I do a "reply" to this list I only end up only a reply to
the author of the email rather than the list.  Most other list I do a
reply to generate a To address to the list.

To overcome this I have to do a "Reply All" which sends a message to
both the author and the list.  A bit of over-kill.

I do not find the mechanism with this list a convenient as others.
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