[Proj] Re: A problem with this list

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Dec 30 10:29:28 EST 2004

Gerald Evenden wrote:
> I find that if I do a "reply" to this list I only end up only a reply to 
> the author
> of the email rather than the list.  Most other list I do a reply to 
> generate
> a To address to the list.
> To overcome this I have to do a "Reply All" which sends a message to
> both the author and the list.  A bit of over-kill.
> I do not find the mechanism with this list a convenient as others.

Gerald, etc,

In deference to Gerald's enourmous contributions to us all I have modified
the behaviour of the list to set the reply-to to point to the list.

As has been discussed at some length, how this handled is somewhat
controversial and I have no strong preference for either approach. However,
I am generally no longer willing to discuss the matter on lists as it is a
distraction from the primary purpose of the list, and is a well tread path
of arguments.  To that end, I hope that my post will end the public
discussion, not just re-enflame it.

All are welcome to email me, Gerald, etc privately on the issue.

Best regards,
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