[OSRS-PROJ] Converting from WGS-84 to Sweden's RT-90

Alexander Isacson alexander at isacson.info
Mon Feb 9 14:21:39 EST 2004

Hello list.

I'm looking for a way to transform coordinates (WGS-84 lat, long) from a
GPS receiver to RT-90 (N/E) which is local grid here in Sweden. I'm
really new to all this and I'm just realizing that these transformations
are allot harder than I thought. Hopefully PROJ.4 can help me out.

To go form WGS-84 to RT-90 one has to preform the seven-parameter
translation. http://www.geocities.com/mapref/prj/se/se.html

How do I preform this transformation? Can it be done with cs2cs? Is
there a +fromwgs84 parameter?

If someone could provide me with the exact commandline to preform this
translations I'd be forever grateful.

Alexander Isacson <alexander at isacson.info>

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