[OSRS-PROJ] Error projecting Geographic to UPS

Charles D. Van Dusen charlie at im-design.net
Wed Jan 7 15:10:19 EST 2004

I am having a problem projecting a shapefile of canada from geographic
to UPS:

P:\Data\maproom.psu.edu>shpproj canada.shp projections\ups\canada.shp
-i=geographic -o"proj=ups"

The program appears to complete without error, but the resulting .prj
file has a single line of "proj=geographic" and the output shape file is
exactly the same as the input shape file.
So, in stepping though the debugger, the problem appears to be that the
SHPSetProjection call is returning 0 for the new_prj. Further, the call
to pj_init in shpgeo.c is returning 0 as well.
My environ:
Windows XP
proj cvs as of December 2003
Any Ideas
Charlie Van Dusen
IM Design
charlie at im-design.net
+1 781.389.0343
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