[OSRS-PROJ] Error projecting Geographic to UPS

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jan 7 15:29:25 EST 2004

Charles D. Van Dusen wrote:
> Greetings
> I am having a problem projecting a shapefile of canada from geographic 
> to UPS:
> P:\Data\maproom.psu.edu>shpproj canada.shp projections\ups\canada.shp 
> -i=geographic -o"proj=ups"
> P:\Data\maproom.psu.edu>
> The program appears to complete without error, but the resulting .prj 
> file has a single line of "proj=geographic" and the output shape file is 
> exactly the same as the input shape file.
> So, in stepping though the debugger, the problem appears to be that the 
> SHPSetProjection call is returning 0 for the new_prj. Further, the call 
> to pj_init in shpgeo.c is returning 0 as well.
> My environ:
> Windows XP
> shapelib-1.2.10
> proj cvs as of December 2003


My understanding is that there are four UPS zones, and you aren't indicating
which to use.  I would gather that the pj_init() is therefore failing because
it doesn't have all the required arguments.

I haven't dug into the PROJ docs to find what the correct formulation is for
UPS, but I presume that is the issue.

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