[OSRS-PROJ] The RSO and Hotine

Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
Thu Jan 15 20:21:56 EST 2004

Brigadier Martin Hotine "cooked up" the RSO on the aposphere after WWII
while he was with the Survey of India (SOI).  The RSO was part of his paper
on "The Orthomorphic Projection of the Spheroid" in "Empire Survey Review"
journal in 1948-1949.  The ORIGINAL place he designed it for was Malaya.
Borneo was secondary.  Everyplace else is an afterthought or adopted by
others.  Hotine later retired from the British Royal Engineers and became
the Director of the Directorate of Overseas Surveys, the organization
responsible for more unclassified topographic mapping of the world than any
other - to date.  When Brigadier Hotine retired from DOS, he took an
appointment with ESSA (forerunner of NOAA) to write and publish
"Mathematical Geodesy."  That thing takes me 14 hours per page to digest -
never have finished it cover-to-cover ... I only open it up if I MUST.

Hotine's mentor was McCaw, another retired Royal Engineer and original
Editor-in-Chief of "Empire Survey Review."  He also worked up the McCaw
ellipsoid used for decades in Ghana, and the Fiji Hyperbolic Cassini

Cliff Mugnier


I have been through all the nonsense with the Malayan Monster and
even added some parameters to PROJ.4 omerc to do the necessary
supplemental operations.  HOWEVER, that was a long time ago and
I will have to revisit the scene of the crime and see if I can figure
to use them again.

Please give me a couple of days as I have some other stuff going on.
Part of the problem is reading FAXes of the details which are of
very poor quality.

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