[Proj] What proj library version is best?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jul 6 13:46:57 EDT 2004

Craig Bruce wrote:
> As an end-user of the system, what I want is a single interface that takes
> care of everything to do with coordinate/datum transformations for me.
> I don't really care about all of the sub-levels of stuff that needs to
> be done.
> However, there appears to be a significant practical issue here in that
> Gerald continues to add new projections to his own 'pure' copy of the
> PROJ library while Frank continues to develop the higher-level operations.
> It looks like decoupling the efforts would be the best practical solution.
> The "PROJ" library could remain 'pure' and Frank could reorganize his
> work into a "COORDSYS" (or some similar name) library that is built on top
> of PROJ and provides a complete interface for coorindate transformations
> so that end users don't need to know that a 'pure' PROJ library is even
> present.

Craig, et al,

It is my intention at some point to rip out all of the PROJ.4 core that
I am using and use Gerald's work instead.  However, this is a substantial
job, and I'm not exactly sure when I will get to it.  There are also
questions about what degree of backward compatibility with older
versions of PROJ.4 (4.4.x) will be achieved in this move.  Whether I
move to a whole new API or what.

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