[Proj] What proj library version is best?

bsupnik bsupnik at xsquawkbox.net
Tue Jul 6 14:46:25 EDT 2004

Hi Y'all,

I just wanted to echo Dr. Bruce's opinion on the desire for a single 
high-level point of entry for all datum/geoid/projection/coord-system 
related 'stuff'.  I can see the desire for distinct components; a 
central integrated API that provides access to all of these things would 
be great for developers like myself...y'all are a lot smarter when it 
comes to these issues than I am;

For me the huge value of Proj is that it lets me work with all sorts of 
data without becoming an expert in the math behind the transforms, so 
the more insulation Proj provides the better.  GeoTiff's capability 
(where with Proj installed I can get geographic registration points for 
an image no matter how they're encoded) is perfect...flexibility of 
format but simplicity of API.

If there is a new API I would like to see a more structured/functional 
approach (perhaps similar to what libGeoTiff does) to building up 
descriptions of coordinate systems, grid systems, projections, etc. 
rather than the pseudo-command-line system we have now.


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