[Proj] old german topo

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at pf.pl
Mon Jul 19 16:58:43 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone!

I've got few sheets of an old (before The Second World War) German topo map
which I want to register in it's coordinate system and reproject into a
system being used know in Poland. Unfortunately I don't know the projection
definition of this German topo in detail. I'm writing the proj list hoping
here I will find someone able to help me with this.

Here go some details I managed to find out about these maps:
- 1:25000
- were called Messtischblättermap
- the prime meridian intialy was Ferro, next Greenwich (since 1885)
- Bessel ellipsoid
- Gauss-Kruger projection (I don't speak German but that's what I understood
from the map's label (as in the proj.png)

A small piece of the map, top-left corner, sheet called "4955 Ostritz", is
attached - only 7 KB (mostly erased to be preserve space). 10 KB both
pictures together, I hope that's not too much.

I would very apreciate any information and suggestions where to look for it.

Maciek Sieczka
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