[OSRS-PROJ] Review of the book "Map Projection Transformation"

Gerald Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Tue Mar 23 20:21:42 EST 2004

I have developed a great deal of reservations about the book "Map 
Transformation: Principles and Applications" by Qihe Yang, John Snyder 
Waldo Tobler.  The recent activity on the Rossilhe projection and its 
in the book having an obvious typo (end of line 2 of eqn. 2.2.25, p.20) 
a suspicious looking equation (last line of eqn. 2.2.28, p.20) bothered 

Also on page 79 nomenclature gets a little different compared to 
usage in PP 1395 regarding what I would call the isometric latitude.  
eqn 3.5.2 "q" is referred to as the "conformal latitude function or 
isometric latitude."  I am used to most sources referring only the 
latitude.  Obviously a simple matter of style.

Note on eqn 3.3.5 "tan" is omitted from the equation for the conformal
latitude (page 79).

After a superficial use of a dozen or so pages of this book I have found
sufficient material to make me apprehensive of any further usage.  It 
to be sloppily proofed.  The style of the prose if often too terse and 
reads more
like a math function handbook than an informative text book.

According to P.B. Anderson, this was the book Snyder was working on
at the time of his death.  At the moment I feel it it is an unfortunate

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