[Proj] PROJ 4.4.9 Released

Andrea Antonello moovida at katamail.com
Sun Oct 31 03:32:42 EST 2004

Hi Glynn, 

> Unless the configure script specifically stomps on it, you can usually
> set CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS in the environment prior to running the configure
> script, e.g.:
> 	CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_05/include ./configure ...

lots of thanks, you are right, this is a good temporary solution.

It works now with:
CFLAGS=-Iinclude2 ./configure --with-jni=include1
include1 = folder in which the header file jni.h resides (usually 
include2 = folder in which the header file jni_md.h resides (usually 
$JAVA_HOME/include/linux or whatever)

I updated in CVS some changes to the README and fixed a bug in the proj shared 
libs loading.

I tested it and it now works.

Two nice questions for eveyone:
- any help on how to make a binary release for windows?
- and the worse: I realize that on MacOS, the shared libs that are loaded in 
the virtual machine of Java have to have jnilib as extension (and compiled 
with something like:
shared flag for compiler = -bundle - framework System  
This would clearly conflict with the way to handle the libproj...

Anyone out in the list that has some solution or idea to this?

> Actually, I can live with autoconf, but automake generates the most
> incomprehensible Makefiles (I used to think that Imake was bad until
> people started using automake) and, as for libtool: whoever thought
> that a 6500-line Bourne-shell script was a good idea needs therapy.



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