[Proj] Compiling Eric Millers proj_api.dll

Tony Seiscons gu2l5z3wt001 at sneakemail.com
Wed Sep 15 02:57:38 EDT 2004

I am trying to recompile Eric Millers proj_api.dll so that, a) I can update
it to 4.8.8 and whatever comes next and, b) so that I can use different
names for proj.dll, proj_api.dll and the NAD directory so that I can isolate
it from other versions of proj and proj.dll.

I have successfully compiled and tested proj.exe 4.8.8 using Dev C++,
gcc/MinGW/MSys however I am having difficulty compiling proj_api.dll.
Whenever I compile it the system compiles and links all of the proj files as
well  to produce a 248kB file insured of a 28kB one and the proj_api.def
file does not have any EXPORTS.  (Naturally it doesn't work).  I have
installed the compiler options -O -Wall -W -mwindows that Eric has in his
makefile and tried a few other options to no avail.  I have also tried
compiling from the command line using his Makefile but I get the error
C:\Dev-Cpp\usr\Proj\proj_api\Makefile [Build Error]  No rule to make target
`gtProAPI.o', needed by `gtProAPI.dll'.

Any help would be appreciated as I am not very familiar with C and C
compilers and I'd like to get back to my VB project!


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