[Proj] Book: Web Mapping Illustrated

Paul B. Anderson pbander at picusnet.com
Wed Dec 28 14:29:28 EST 2005

- Hi All,

I am currently exploring low cost options that allows for the creation of a 
web map of Grayson County, Virginia showing cemetery locations (Genealogy 
Stuff).  See http://www.ls.net/~newriver/graysoncem/graysoncem.htm
Note:  There is a picture of me in one section.

The web map has to be either no or low cost since the county only has 17,000 
people and not all of them are tax payers. Most of the cemeteries are out in 
the middle of someone's  pasture -- no street address. Many of the current 
web mapping apps are crippled either visually or in how you can manipulate 

With those thoughts in mind, the book at the link below talks about, and 
uses, Proj.4: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/webmapping/

Has anyone on the list worked with the book, and can comment on it?

- Paul B. Anderson FCCS (USN, Retired)
Kingsport, TN native living in Norfolk, VA

My PDF Map Projection Graphics:

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