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Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Thu Dec 29 15:40:49 EST 2005

On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, Paul B. Anderson wrote:

> I am currently exploring low cost options that allows for the creation of a
> web map of Grayson County, Virginia showing cemetery locations (Genealogy
> Stuff).  See http://www.ls.net/~newriver/graysoncem/graysoncem.htm
> Note:  There is a picture of me in one section.
> The web map has to be either no or low cost since the county only has 17,000
> people and not all of them are tax payers. Most of the cemeteries are out in
> the middle of someone's  pasture -- no street address. Many of the current web
> mapping apps are crippled either visually or in how you can manipulate them.

One thing you might consider is some of the amateur radio APRS
applications.  I work on a couple of them, but those two aren't
suited particularly to what you're trying to do.  Others I think
probably are.  APRS is the system whereby we track moving objects
via GPS and amateur radio, but we also have the capability of
tracking resources that are more stationary.  The main thing here
is, there's software out there that does web mapping, places objects
on top of the maps, and allows you to zoom in/out and pan to various
spots.  Some of these use online map resources to do it.

Thinking about it a bit more, some of the online web map resources
that already exist have the capability of placing objects
themselves.  You may be able to do what you want without writing any
code, or perhaps with very minimal scripts to pass to their mapping

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