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Wed Feb 9 00:01:37 EST 2005

Yes, I use it every day at work. The Windows command line has become
very Unix like and less DOS like as you move into the NT, WIN2K and XP
operating systems. Largely because the shell group in charge of it has
a very heavy Unix background. Go to your start button, find the run
option and type in cmd it will pop open the command line. Lots of good
addins for the Windows command line out there now too that allow all
sorts of scripting to be done. Heck all the old stuff more or less is
still in there also. Even edlin is still in there.

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005 23:55:10 -0500, Gerald Evenden
<gerald.evenden at verizon.net> wrote:
> Several years ago I used to distribute proj as an .exe file so one could
> at least use the system on M$ systems without having to go through
> the transportation/compilation problems.
> I have 98 on one of my systems and one can still get to a DOS command
> line and thus could still use something like lproj.exe.  But I got
> curious
> about the latest (NT?) and stopped by the local Staples to see if I
> could
> find a DOS entry on their demo machines.  No such luck.  I asked a
> salesman
> about it and wasn't sure he even knew what I was talking about.
> My question is: can one do command line operations on the latest M$
> OS's?  That is, have a "terminal" screen?
> Sorry, I know this must be heresy to some and incomprehensible to
> others.
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