[Proj] Request for comments on changes to libproj4 distribution.

Gerald Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Mon May 2 12:43:47 EDT 2005

I am about ready to make the next release of libproj4.  One of the 
update items
is to add "config.h" which contains, at the moment, the following 

/* Use Gnu Scientific Library if 1 else 0 */
#define HAVE_GSL 1

/* Make thread-safe if 1 else 0 */
#define HAVE_PTHREAD 1

/* Library has strerror_r if 1 else 0 */

Still, these remain "hand editted" items until a configure system can 
be solved

Followers of this group will recognize the first two items and the third
is added to compensate for the non-thread-safe nature of strerror which 
a part of pj_strerror_r (new addition).  The need for this switch is 
that as far
as I can tell strerror_r is not part of any "standards" specification.

My main question is: are there any other switches that would be 

A second factor I would like comments on is prototyping PJ as 'const.'  
usage has constant contents after pj_init so perhaps the outside world 
recognize that factor.

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