[Proj] SPCS NC (3200) -> Lat Long Conversion Problem w/ Program

Kevin S Lim KSLim at atlantictech.com
Mon May 2 13:54:40 EDT 2005


Thanks for the tips.  I will consider libproj4 in the future.

Of interest to the group, I modified my code to use the "pj_inv" function
instead of "pj_transform" and guess what... the same (incorrect) output
(posted in original message) is returned by "pj_inv".

Any other list members encounter similar problems/issues using proj4?

-- Kevin


Gerald Evenden wrote:


Entry pj_inv may still be left in the material you have and if it is, I
suggest you check it out.

As an editorial comment to the general audience, this is why I believe in
the separation of operations.  Kitchen sink procedures cloud the issue for
those seeking solution to simple processes.  Let different functions do
projection, datum shifts, XYZ transforms, etc.  Just make it easy to
assemble the set of building blocks needed.

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