[Proj] Java Interface for PROJ?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Mon May 30 11:00:14 EDT 2005

Andrea Antonello wrote:
>>I was wondering if you had a prebuilt PROJ 4.4.9 package for Windows
>>with the .JAR and any required files that you could make available?
> I have one for 4.4.8. I'm not sure about the newest. 

Actually, something based on 4.4.8 would do too. As long as it includes 
the required .jar and .DLL.

>>Please excuse my ignorance, I'm really not very familiar with JNI. I was
>>wondering if the .jar compiled on Linux could be used on Windows, or
>>does it absolutely have to be compiled on Windows? 
> The jar is just one for all the machines, whereas the dependency lies in 
> the .dll, .so or .jnilb for windows, linux and mac (however no one compiled 
> it for mac yet).

Does the .jar use he exact same PROJ.DLL that is already produced by the 
regular Windows build? If yes then it should be no problem for us to 
produce our own build.


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