[Proj] Ukraine towgs84

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Wed Nov 30 06:43:42 EST 2005

> I've been looking for a possibly accurate datum shift for Ukraine from
> Krassovsky to WGS84.
> Does anybody know of a Ukraine dedicated, possibly 7-parameter, towgs84
> shift?

I found an article about GPS on:
Scroll down to table 1.1. There you'll find 7-parameter data for the
transformation between PZ-90, SK-42 and WGS84, valid for Ukraine. Since
section 1.3 describes the position vector transformation method, I assume
the parameters are for that type of transformation too.
The article is in Russian.

Probably something useful can be found at the site of the Ukrainian
"Scientific Research Institute for Geodesy and Cartography" (my translation)
So far I've only found an article about the _method_ of finding parameters
for the transformation between the "state geodetic systems" and the "global
system" WGS-84:
but no actual parameters for SK-42. Or did I misread something? My Ukrainian
is a bit rusty...

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