[Proj] convert from LatLong to transverse mercator LUREF

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Wed Oct 19 02:06:00 EDT 2005

>> someone could help me to solve my problem. I would like to convert geodetic
>> coordinates to a transverse mercator projection for Luxembourg.

>> I have the following coordinates:

>> Latitude: 49d34'17".60287N
>> Longitude: 5d55'50".69323E

>> And want to convert them into:

>> X (North) 70910.00
>> Y (East)  62935.00

> Ulrich,

> cs2cs +proj=latlong +ellps=intl +to +proj=tmerc +x_0=80000 +y_0=100000
> +lon_0=6d10 +lat_0=49d50 +ellps=intl +k=1
> 5d55'50.69 49d34'17.60
> 62934.93        70909.91 0.00

> Seems like pretty good agreement.

I can't believe PROJ or cs2cs are that inaccurate!
I have translated a couple of projection formulae and codes, amongst which
several libproj4 functions, to JavaScript. Let's say just for my amusement.
For Transverse Mercator I used the code in the main defining document:
"The Universal Grids: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and
Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS)", DMA Technical Manual DMA TM 8358.2,
Defense Mapping Agency, USA, Sept. 1989,

I arrive at a northing of 70909.9999532613 and an easting of
(not all decimals are significant). I used the Transverse Mercator engine
and skipped the UTM zone numbering system.

It can be advised to check and test the cs2cs tmerc function or its

Please note that I do not have a compiled proj, libproj, cs2cs, whatever
proj-type application. Only my own reasonably well tested JavaScripts.

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