[Proj] Re: Oblique Parameter Question

Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
Sat Oct 29 00:09:40 EDT 2005

Mike and Michael,

Since the latest issue (October 2005) of "Photogrammetric Engineering and
Remote Sensing" is entirely devoted to Mars mapping, perhaps you should
seek some help from the list of contributing authors in that particular
issue.  The "Grids and Datums" column in that issue is the first monthly
column that I have not personally written since 1997.  Dr. Randolph L. Kirk
wrote that column as well as he's one of the Guest Editors of the special

Why not ask him for help?  He certainly knows his stuff.

C. Mugnier

By the way, using the Platte Caree for Mars will set back the science of
Cartography about 400 years.  Pick something better than that!
Hi All,

Michael and I are trying to learn about the ob_tran projection in order to
facilitate use here at the Mars Space Flight Facility. We need more
information about the o_lon_p and o_lat_p parameters. Could someone give an
exact English description of how they operate or a URL to such. We
understand the notion of an oblique projection, but we're having a hard
time understanding how these parameters define the "obliqueness". We
applying these to eqc (Platte Caree) if that simplifies your answer at all.

-Mike and Michael

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