[Proj] Latest port of PROJ library to Windows ?

Anthony Dunk AnthonyD at rocketmail.com
Mon Oct 31 23:32:50 EST 2005

I recently found that there appears to be a bug in the Cylindrical
Equal Area (+proj=cea) projection in the Windows Proj DLL (dated March
2003, which I downloaded from http://www.remotesensing.org/proj/).

I would like to use a version of proj.dll which is built from Gerald
Evenden’s latest source code
(http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze2hc4d/proj4/) if possible, but he
only provides Unix/Linux make files which makes it a bit awkward.

Is anyone planning to, or has anyone already ported Gerald’s latest
source code (March 2005) to a new Windows version of the proj.dll, and
if not would this be a lot of work or relatively straightforward ?


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