[Proj] reprojection of sites within SHP file to standard output

pw p.willis at telus.net
Tue Sep 13 13:59:32 EDT 2005


Can this actually be done with proj...?(Didn't think so)
SHP files are ~proprietary to arcview GIS. There is a
format spec available on the web.

I have an arcview script for dumping coordinates
from SHP files to ascii text, if that helps. I believe it also
dumps one attribute as well, allowing you to link
the geographic data with the data in the accompanying
DBF file. In any case you could modify the script to
dump what ever you want.


Dave Sampson wrote:
> Hey yall,
> Been a while since I've posed a question so thought I'd reer the ugly 
> head again.
> What I am tryin to do is start by using a SHP file with close to 15000 
> points. The shp file is suposedly nad27. for each point I would like to 
> extract the nad27 co-ordinates of each site, reproject them to nad83, 
> and DDMMSS and DDMM.SS to an output file.
> the final goal is to have a CSV file that can be imported into a silly 
> proprietary dabase. the CSV would look something like
> I think that's right... projections still confuse this geographer from 
> time to time.
> I'm not sure if maybe you'd need a NAD27E, NAD27W format.
> any ideas? Or resources towards examples of this procedure?
> cheers

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