[Proj] reprojection of sites within SHP file to standard output

pw p.willis at telus.net
Tue Sep 13 16:26:28 EDT 2005

Dave Sampson wrote:
> pw,
> I seem to remember reprojecting SHP files before. PROJ was even creating 
> a new PRJ file for me. I thought that if Proj can reproject a whole 
> shape file that it might be able to do components thereof.  The script 
> you speak of, is it an avenue script?  ANy open source solutions as I am 
> avoid running arcview. proof of concept.
> cheers


Interesting. I wasn't aware of the SHP capabilities.
I guess they must not be covered in the docs...
I just tried proj on a known shp file and just got
garbage. Let me know if you find the proper instructions
for this.

Yes, the script I have is written in avenue.
You can find it online by googling

arcview shp2ascii

I was writing some C++ source code to
extract SHP/SHX/DBF files into  various other
formats as well, but that's far from

I think also that grass gis can import SHP
files and then export to ascii formats.
Grass is open source.
Unfortunately I don't have grass on this
particular machine so I can't verify.

Let me know if you want the script. It's
in the public domain so I can post it.


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