[Proj] m.proj module added to GRASS 6.1-cvs

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 05:55:32 EDT 2006


I have (finally) written for GRASS 6 the replacement m.proj2 from GRASS
Same name and functionality, totally different code.

I've called it m.proj. It's a shell script front end to PROJ.4's cs2cs
utility, can read data from stdin or a file, and output to stdout or a
file. There are easy switches (-i and -o) for the common task of
converting to/from WGS84 LL and the current GIS map projection.

e.g., to turn a lon/lat coord into a projected vector map:
G61> echo "170.54321 -45.98765" | m.proj -i | v.in.ascii output=tmp_point

For me it is quite useful. There is probably a bug or 3 in a corner
somewhere, so please test and for now use with care.

It's in CVS now:

Here's the help page:

[dev note: help page doesn't show up on the "misc modules" help list?]

I would be grateful if someone wiser in the ways of PROJ4 could have a
look at that help page and check for errors, especially in the EXAMPLES
section where it talks about using custom projection paramters. I wasn't
sure what was GRASS 5's modified proj quirks and what were PROJ4's.

+towgs84=a,b,c counts as a de facto +datum= declaration, and so datum
transform always happens if it's used, correct?

enjoy, and thanks in advance for any fact checking,


 Convert coordinates from one projection to another (cs2cs frontend).

 m.proj [-iodv] [input=filename] [output=filename] [fs=character]
   [proj_in=string] [proj_out=string]

  -i   Use LL WGS84 as input and current location as output projection
  -o   Use current location as input and LL WGS84 as output projection
  -d   Output long/lat in decimal degrees or other projections with many decimal places
  -v   Verbose mode (print projection parameters and filenames to stderr)

     input   Input coordinate file (omit to read from stdin)
    output   Output coordinate file (omit to send to stdout)
        fs   Field separator
             default: |
   proj_in   Input projection parameters (PROJ.4 style)
  proj_out   Output projection parameters (PROJ.4 style)
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