[Proj] converting epsg 25832 to epsg 31467

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Wed Dec 13 03:08:26 EST 2006

>Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl wrote:
>First of all it would be convenient to drop the zone number in the x, so use
>536852 instead of 32536852.
>Then: perform an explicit datum transformation from the lat,lon obtained on
>GRS80 to lat,lon on Bessel 1841. I used the ArcGIS set DHDN_To_ETRS_1989_3.
>Mind the direction; the parameters are from DHDN to ETRS - which is close
>enough to GRS
80. The rotation model is the same as cs2cs does: position
>Description of the set:
>dx=597.1; dy=71.4; dz=412.1; rx=0.894; ry=0.068; rz=-1.563; ds=7.58;
>Units in meters, arcseconds, ppm.
>After datum transform, project with TM.
>My results (some decimals dropped in the display, not in the calculation):
>Start with x=536852; y=5690425;
>Inverse project: lat,lon on GRS80 = 51.363889, 9.529338 deg
>Datumtransform to Bessel: lat,lon = 51.365190, 9.530488, h = -45.879 m
>Project to TM: 3536941.34, 5692262.52
>Expected values: 3536939 5692262
>Differences probably due to rounding or a slightly different parameter set.
>How to perform this procedure on the cs2cs command line?
>Please read the manual or ask mr. Warmerdam to write an extensive tutorial
>with 200 boilerplate examples (this would reduce the traffic in the maptools
>and other lists some non-vanishing amount!)


thank you very very much for the basic information that the zone nubmer 32 is in x and that i have to drop it. Now my cs2cs call works fine:
cs2cs +init=epsg:25832 +to +init=epsg:31467 <<EOF
> 536852 5690425
3536938.82      5692264.88 1.20

I was working on this problem for many hours. I am a newbie regarding coordinate transformation as you can see. Again: Thank you.

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