[Proj] Re: GGRS87 TO WGS84 PROBLEM(?)

Andreas T haristeas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 07:23:38 EST 2006

Hi all again,

As exposed on my previous mail about the transformation FROM GGRS87 TO WGS84
we have to deal with a real problem of PROJ. Furthermore, in addition to the
tests exposed on my first mail, I inform you that the conversion is also
problematic even if we use degrees as initial values (using the same datum
of course --GGRS87--).
I want to ask if the transformation FROM GGRS87 TO WGS84 is isolated or if
we have to deal with a more general problem with Transverse Mercator
If not then is there a possible solution for this particular problem other
than writing the transformations for this particular system my self from

Can any of the more experienced users of me of PROJ, please, answer to these
questions? I suppose that the problem exposed is valuable for the project

Thanks on advance

Andreas Trantidis
map-enhanced Web applications
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