[Proj] Re: System 42/83 (S42/83)

Erich Sadlowski erich.sadlowski at gmx.de
Thu Feb 2 04:32:01 EST 2006

Thanks to you, Clifford J. and you, Oscar!

Now I understand the way of proj4's thinking and the calculation of transverse
mercator much better:

The stripe's wide affects only the x_0 value, not the conversion itself.
Therefore it's the same math model for UTM, Gauss-Kruger, DHG, etc.

cs2cs doesn't calculates the stripe (zone), you have to deliver it as parameter
lon_0 - while I was thinking, lon_0 would indicate the starting meridian of UTM
(-177), GK (0), DHG (3) and therefore should be left fixed.

Now I have to re-design my application a bit, but that's o.k.

Again: Thanks a lot!


P.S. Isn't it confusing, that there are identical definition (i.e. 2166 <-> 2397
) or incomplete zone enumerations in the delivered epsg file ?

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