[Proj] Does proj can be used on embedded linux?

acvolcano acvolcano at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 03:33:58 EST 2006

hi, everyone,
  Recently, I have tried to use proj on the arm-linux development board,
the cpu is ARM9.
  Yeah, I can compile the library, and install it. And I still intall
the libgdal library on the board, though I just want to use ogr.
everything is ok.
  But while I run the programme on the embedded linux system installed
on my development board. Some errors occur. It complains that "ERROR
1:latitude or longitude exceeded limits". And I know the msg was sent by
the function pj_fwd in file pj_fwd.c. But the progamme can run
wonderfully on my PC. The version of the library installed is 4.4.7.
  So I change another version,4.4.9. there are also some similar
mistakes. It complains to me that "geocentric transformation missing z
or ellps". I don't know how to do!
	best regards

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