[Proj] CSLTokenizeStringComplex/CSLCount/CSLDestroy

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Thu Jan 19 14:24:56 EST 2006

On Thursday 19 January 2006 01:53 pm, Eric Miller wrote:
> I prefer to get rid of all compiler warnings so that real
> errors/warnings are more apparent.  For the moment I can live with
> this if there are no alternatives.  I _can_ get rid of the warnings
> on Linux by adding an #include at the top of the file, but then the
> program doesn't compile under Cygwin.

My comment is an aside to your main problem.

While the desire to remove all warnings from a compile are admirable it often 
ends up being impossible to achieve.  Last night and this morning while 
cleaning up the next release of libproj4 I turned on the "-Wall -pedantic" 
switches and scanned the 'make' output for 'warning's.  Out of the 150+ files 
constituting the library there are about 3 or 4 files that generate warnings.
With the exception of the strerror_r problem, they are trivial and impractical 
to eliminate.

As for the strerror_r problem, info/man documents that the function should 
return int but the string.h header file prototypes a *char return.  This is a 
GNU problem that I have not resolved yet.  I believe POSIX requires int.  
This is a thread compatibility problem.

PS: proj_strerror_r returns int and acts like strerror_r should and should be 
thread safe.

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