[Proj] Two questions about Proj

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Fri Jan 20 12:47:06 EST 2006

> V&H seems to be in use even today.

Why it is, is incomprehensible to me.

> Originally used for calculating a 'billable' distance between telephone
> calling centers.

But my opinion aside, I understand less the code referenced.  It refers to 
ellipsoid yet I cannot find any reference to eccentricity, flattening, etc. 
or anything  aboout Clarke, WGS, etc..  It talks about transferring 
coordinates from ellipsoid to sphere---conformal, authalic, ???  Is billing 
*so accurate* that the ellipse must be accounted for?

What is/was the matter with the Two-Point Equidistant projection that has been 
around for some time?

My opinion of this "projection" remains  unchanged.  It is a ad hoc 
machination to solve a peculiar approach to a financial problem and not a 
serious effort in geodesy, grid systems or general mapping needs.  I suggest 
seeing if Quicken, or other bookkeeping software giants can develop an 
appropriate plugin for this projection.
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