[Proj] Re: Newbie Polar stereographic question

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Fri Jul 14 13:14:27 EDT 2006

> From: "Gerald I. Evenden"
>>>> I wonder, can all 3 variants of the EPSG (OGP) stereographic projections
>>>> be calculated with (lib)proj's stere?
>>> +proj=stere is probably OK for most polar aspects.  However, most non-US
>>> oblique stereographic projections probably use +proj=sterea.
>> I am afraid this is no useful answer for
>>>> EPSG coordinate operation method 9830:
>>>> Polar Stereographic (variant C)
> I an going to make a single comment: worrying about differences in the 1
> micron range are pointless.

Probably a point is missed here.
(lib)proj is NOT capable of computing said projection.
I found out that a trick is needed: use an adapted false northing.
I asked for an equation, I got a micron :-)

Don't bother, in the mean time I've derived such an equation myself.
Anyone interested can mail me or post a reply here.
Variant B poses no difficulty if you know how to do it.

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