[Proj] Re: Using Azimuthal Equidistant for Great/Small Circle Generation

Strebe at aol.com Strebe at aol.com
Wed Mar 8 18:05:11 EST 2006

The original poster stated:

> take the "radius" of the great/small circle (where 90 degrees is a great 
> circle)

He doesn't care whether great circles are straight lines. His question is 
whether he can trust the cartesian circle 90 degrees of arc away from the 
projection center to be a great circle. The answer is, yes. He can. Also whether 
other cartesian circles centered on the projection center can be trusted to be 
small circles. Yes. They can. His procedure works just fine.

It does sound like 'geod' is more directly what he wants, though.


daan Strebe
Geocart author

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