[Proj] conversion latlong to UTM (& vice versa)

oon at informatika.org oon at informatika.org
Thu Nov 2 04:22:44 EST 2006

Dear All Proj user,

I want to convert coordinate with datum WGS84, from latlong projection 
to UTM projection
(and vice versa).

If I convert from latlong projection to UTM projection,
I can get the UTM zone from UTM definition, so I can calculate the zone 
from it's longitude.

If I'm doing vehicle tracking with UTM projection,
and the vehicle moving between UTM zones,
How should I do to get UTM zone of current position of vehicle?
(so I can convert UTM to latlong again).

Is it any statement or definition of UTM that declare
how to get UTM Zone from UTM coordinate?

Is it any Proj utilities (function/procedure) that support my problem?


Oon Arfiandwi M.

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