[Proj] Re: Re: Proj4 Bug (rtodms)

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.mail
Wed Nov 8 18:01:59 EST 2006

On Wednesday 08 November 2006 1:20 pm, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> cp wrote:
> > After these rights observations, I look at more seriously this portion of
> > code.
> ...
> > So the problem is staying for all people who are working with Borland
> > environment or with code optimization and  r / 60. give a false result.
> >
> > In Last, thanks for all constructors of proj4 and BRAVO for the work
> > accomplished.
> Folks,
> I haven't heard any statement that the proposed change was harmful, did
> I miss anything?
> If not, then I think the change is worth applying on the basis that it
> makes the results right even if some compilers are applying questionable
> optimizations.
> Best regards,

My only comment here is that we may be catering to a compiler error and 
perhaps it may be more important to suggest to Borland that *they* should 
look into the problem.

What bothers me is that the original code seems to be working fine on most 
other systems and only one failure has occurred. ---so far.

If there is a rounding modema problem there should be some expectation of 
a "normal" setting.

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