[Proj] 4.5.0 Release Finalized

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Oct 23 00:02:50 EDT 2006


I have issued PROJ 4.5.0 final packages since there didn't seem to be any
serious problem with beta4.  The source can be found at:


 From the NEWS file:

4.5.0 Release Notes

  o Microsoft Visual Studio 8 compatibility changes.

  o Upgraded to EPSG 6.11.1 database.

  o Several bug fixes to pj_transform() to handle transient errors properly.

  o Fix Krovak projection (include +czech flag)

  o Added Roussilhe Stereographic projection from libproj4 (proj=rouss).

  o Added experimental +lon_wrap flag for alternate pj_transform() longitude
    wrapping behavior on output.

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