[Proj] Sum: Aruba projection (Milo van der Linden)

Milo van der Linden milo at 3dsite.nl
Wed Apr 4 13:29:35 EDT 2007

Dear Clifford,

I am speachless, this is exactly what I need! There was absolutely no 
place on the internet where I could find this, we even contacted Aruba 
authorities, but they haven't answered up to now. I am now going to 
implement these parameters into my projection-conversion to get them to 
GoogleEarth. Once I got them all in line, I will report the resulting 
proj4 string back to the mailing list.

Again, thank you so very much and I hope Steffen can also benefit from 
your knowledge.

If at any point in time you need someone to research exotic datums and 
projections for you, I would be happy to volunteer! It seems like a 
dreamjob to travel the world for that purpose ;)

Kind regards,

Milo van der Linden

> Steffen Macke
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> Milo,
> Details and parameters of the Aruba Datum of 1951 and the Aruba Transverse Mercator Grid are in my "Grids and Datums" column of "Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing," July 2002, pp.653-654.  A pdf file of the column may be downloaded from www.ASPRS.org/resources/grids.  The other datums and grids of the Netherlands Antilles are included therein also.
> A Stereographic projection is a good guess for a Dutch Colony, but it really is a TM - it surprised me, too.
> Regards,
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