[Proj] Polish System 65 maps

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Fri Apr 13 13:07:03 EDT 2007

Irwin Scollar wrote:
> The boundaries of the zones (Strefa) in the Polish 1965 Roussilhe system
> extensively discussed on this list in 2005-2006 are highly irregular.
> Given the lat/lon (Krassovsky ellipsoid) of an arbitrary point in Poland
> between 49N - 55N and 14E and 24E, how can I determine in which zone the
> point lies so that the different false eastings and northings in each
> zone as well as the parameters for the GK piece in zone 5 can be used to
> get the Roussilhe E/N values using either sterea or Otto van Vlijman's
> version?
> This is a classic "point in polygon" problem, but where can one get the
> 5 polygons (ArcGis Shape Files for the zones perhaps) with accuracy
> sufficient to use with the 1:10000 maps with minimum error at zone
> boundaries?  Alternatively, where can I find a file of coordinates in
> lat/lon or E/N for the corners of the whole collection of 1:10000 maps?

I would love to have them too :). AFAIK no such free dataset exists.
You may ask at CODGiK [1] or GUGiK [2], if they have such data for sale
or who might; if they speak English.

At best I could find info like this on the CRS portal [3]:

latitude limits of zones

zone I:   48°55' N ... 52°20' N
zone II:  51°20' N ... 54°30' N
zone III: 52°10' N ... 54°50' N
zone IV:  48°45' N ... 53°20' N
zone V:   49°20' N ... 51°20' N

longitude limits of zones

zone I:   18°00' E ... 24°10' E
zone II:  19°00' E ... 24°00' E
zone III: 14°05' E ... 20°00' E
zone IV:  14°15' E ... 19°05' E
zone V:   18°20' E ... 19°40' E

or in the EPSG database [4]:

area_code=	1515 (Poland - zone I)
area_name=	Poland - zone I
area_of_use=	Poland - southeast - south of 52 deg 20 min North and east
of 18 deg East.



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