AW: [Proj] Info on German datum KS 42 ?

uwe.schmitz at uwe.schmitz at
Tue Apr 17 04:56:02 EDT 2007


> Hello,
> Is there anyone who can tell me more about the geodetic 
> datum KS 42, which may or may not be the same thing 
> as KS 42/83.  
> It seems to be used in Germany.  
> The only hard facts I have found on the web 
> is a 3-parameter transform at 
> which says
> region         datum  Reference  ID   dX       dY         dZ
> Germany (FRG)  KS42   KS         16  22.8615  -114.7262  -95.8874
> but I cannot use this without knowing the ellipsoid 
> size and shape.  And I would also like to know the 
> accuracy of the transform, and a more official source 
> for the datum. 

a good site for such information is
It takes getting used to, but there are many informations
concerning europe crs's.

For your special case, select "CRS Description" in the menu
on the right and then "national CRS". Select "Germany" in the
list or on the map. The next page contains "DE_42/83/GK_3"
as CRS, which seems to be the one you've searched for.

Hope that helps,

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