[Proj] Info on German datum KS 42 ?

Mikael Rittri Mikael.Rittri at carmenta.se
Tue Apr 17 03:47:48 EDT 2007

Is there anyone who can tell me more about the geodetic 
datum KS 42, which may or may not be the same thing 
as KS 42/83.  

It seems to be used in Germany.  

The only hard facts I have found on the web 
is a 3-parameter transform at 
which says

region         datum  Reference  ID   dX       dY         dZ
Germany (FRG)  KS42   KS         16  22.8615  -114.7262  -95.8874

but I cannot use this without knowing the ellipsoid 
size and shape.  And I would also like to know the 
accuracy of the transform, and a more official source 
for the datum. 

Best regards,
   Mikael Rittri, Carmenta AB, Sweden 

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