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I am a little new to programming with maps but I've been trying to solve a particular problem and so far I'm having a hard time sorting out how it would work.  I have a Lambert Conformal Conic map.  I know the False Northing, the False Easting, the Long/Lat pairs for the four corners, the Central Meridian and the Origin of Latitude.  I also know that the Datum is D_Clarke_1866.

So what I'm trying to do (and not succeeding at) is finding a formula or a method of converting my Longitude and Latitude pair that I input and performing the mathematics required to convert that into an (x,y) pair to dynamically place a dot on the map.  The map could be of any size so the formula has to allow for the dimensions of the map to be dynamic.  So the image could be 200 x 200 pixels in size (same map all the time, just in different sizes) and the location of Edmonton, Alberta would be at about (14,156).  Increase the image size to 300 x 300 and the pixels should shift to match the size of the map given all of the data we know about it.

Is this something that proj would be able to asist me with?  Will it perform that kind of transformation?  Any help would be appreciated, my math is a little rusty and so far I've had to relearn trigonometry in a very short time period.  I kind of feel dazed.  :)

Robert Charbonneau
rcharbonneau at 4poyntzdezign.com

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