[Proj] Michigan Georef Defition Fixed!

Clever, Max Maxc at spicergroup.com
Tue Jan 30 10:04:31 EST 2007

Oscar and Melita,


Thank you, so very much for your help.  I was finally able to get the
coordinates to match up when I switched the longitude to -86.  Also,
please disregard the Point 2 output results I got from autocad in my
last message I misread them.  I've posted new point comparisons below.
I hope you don't feel like I wasted your time after going through all
this!  I do have a couple questions though, now that I can get it to
work correctly.  

1.	I know I can edit the epsg file myself to get this coordinate
system in there using an epsg index number higher than 32800.  What
needs to happen to get this projection officially added to the epsg file
so that in the most current build of proj the "nad" folder will contain
this projection in epsg?  It would be nice to have prepackaged builds of
GRASS, Mapserver, and Mapguide OS using this projection "out of the
2.	Also, when using proj 446 through the command line, it only gave
me return answers to the nearest centimeter.  When it is used in
programs like GRASS, Mapserver, or Mapguide OS is it still only
producing answers to the nearest 2 decimal places?


Again, thanks so much in helping me in getting this thing working.
Here's the final point comparison.  I checked the transformation in
reverse (not shown) and it worked as well.


Point 1

-86 longitude

43 latitude


Point 2

-84 longitude

44 latitude


Point 1 transformed by Autocad

499864.50007694 X georef meters

272108.85926347 Y georef meters

Point 1 transformed using proj 446

499864.50 X georef meters

272108.86 Y georef meters


Point 2 transformed by Autocad

660180.92564610 X georef meters

385135.16670815 Y georef meters

Point 2 transformed using proj 446

660180.93 georef meters

385135.17 georef meters


-Max Clever

maxc at spicergroup.com


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