[Proj] Re: URGENT Non-existent Projection Definition (Oblique Mercator)

Melita Kennedy mkennedy2 at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 30 16:24:23 EST 2007

EPSG already has codes for 2 versions of Michigan GeoRef, although they call them "Michigan Oblique Mercator". 

3078 is based upon NAD83 and uses meters. 
3079 is based upon NAD83(HARN) and also uses meters. 

The method listed is "Hotine Oblique Mercator" (9812) with these parameters (note the azimuth):

latitude of projection center: 45 18 33.0 N
longitude of projection center: 86 0 0.0 W
Azimuth of initial line: 337 15 20.016
Angle of rectified to skew grid: 337 15 20.016
scale factor on initial line: 0.9996
false easting: 2546731.496
false northing: -4354009.816

EPSG Note: If using Oblique Mercator (9815), Ec = 499840.252 m and Nc = 528600.303 m


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