[Proj] Helmert 7 parameters

epifanio massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Wed Jan 31 12:38:26 EST 2007


i've a list of double points in two different coordinate system
  (WGS84 + GaussBoaga-Rome40 - zone East)
this 43 double - points  are located in a restricted area
(about 200x90 Km )

for this points i have the specific 7 parameters

this is what i've for each point :

1)   EN wgs84    EN GBr40   Tx   Ty   Tz   Rx   Ry   Rz
43) ....

is possible to use this data to define a new set of 7 parameters that  
can used on all the area extend ?

thanks for any suggestion! !


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