[Proj] Converting to SRS:4326

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
Tue Jul 17 23:04:16 EDT 2007

Bradley -


If you are going to provide extents to MapServer for latitude and
longitude values in degrees, you need to provide decimal numbers, not
degrees, minutes, and seconds.


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Yes sorry to mention thats what I was doing and I got the same results
as you did but these do not work in mapserver as it says that the extent
is invalid. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the d's etc.

On 7/18/07, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com> wrote:

Bradley Mclain wrote:
> I am having some slight problems with what you are saying, firstly If
I use
> proj -I +init=epsg:28355
> I get a long list of different projections but no new numbers or


I don't know this is.  When I use that commandline I get the usual
wait-for-input state, and no output till I enter values.

> Also secondly I am not exactly sure what input values I have to put
> Is it my current extent or is it the longitude latitude values which
> match this?
> What I want to get out is the correct extent for my map in EPSG:4326.
> Its current extent using EPSG:28355 is 301964.225304 6172911.602455
> 439497.461276 6230476.242273
> With latitude and longitude 146.123 -34.2918 146.152 -34.2685

The proj command reprojects points, not rectangles.  You can get
a rough idea by reprojecting two corners, or a better representation 
by reprojecting all four corners.  For instance if I do the following

warmerda at amd64[49]% proj -I +init=epsg:28355 << EOF
? 301964.225304 6172911.602455
? 439497.461276 6230476.242273

I get:

144d50'28.65"E  34d33'59.396"S
146d20'39.655"E 34d3'52.921"S

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